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First-Class NJ/NY/FL Golf Teacher

​Former first assistant at The Ridgewood Country Club

​Completed PGA’s Professional training program

Personally instructed over 60,000 lessons

Certified PGA Master Club Fitter

Extensive experience with Junior golfers

Playing lessons

On-course instruction 

Florida Golf Academy Instructor 

Creator of “Mom and I” Golf School

Monthly strengthening and stretching clinics 

Patrick began his apprenticeship at one of America's leading golf institutions - The Ridgewood Country Club. Spending six years learning from some of the finest professionals of the time, Patrick began his own decade long pursuit to develop simple methods, communications tools and skill building drills. 

There is an art of explaining it to each student in terms, examples and visuals that are readily understandable to that particular student.  Indeed, not every swing you attempt will cooperate, but you will surely know what you are supposed to do and how to fix it on the next swing.


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