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"30 minutes of proper analysis and clear communications can overcome years of frustrations"


Mission & Values

"To offer clear, concise, and professional golf instruction to all of my students. To provide an unwavering commitment to each student's development. To create a learning environment that is patient, unparalleled, and always that each student may reach their personal best"


The goal of Fallon Golf is to have all of his students knowing how to practice, what to practice and how long a session should be.

.  And delivering this information in simple terms -readily understandable to that particular student . Most importantly, knowing what they did when the golf ball cooperates so they can repeat and  conversely when a mistake is made knowing how to correct on the very next swing


  Short Game- the great equalizer! 

Not everyone can drive the ball 300 yards; however, we are all equal from 50 yards and in. This is the key to reaching your personal best in regard to score. Where can you learn to excel and practice this vital aspect? Fallon Golf has the answer with a private  USGA green specially built for his students and sand bunkers deep enough to rival those in Scotland - only 25 minutes from NYC.




Pitching, chipping and bunker practice are critical components of short game that are often neglected. Why are PGA Tour players the best of the best--short game. Putting is the master key

Knowledge of the simple keys to direction (most desirable outcome) and distance which is secondary are the basis of my platform at  Fallon Golf. I can promise you that when the ball cooperates you will know why and conversely when it does not the corrective measure on the very next swing. Feel comfortable and confident working with Patrick- call Fallon Golf at 201-803-4926.

Proper set-up is no guarantee for optimum results

but it allows for the possibility of execution of proximity to target.  With Fallon, he will  definitively explain and demonstrate in understandable visuals

Always continue to work smartly on your strengths -repetition done properly.  Fallon will insist and assist in strengthening your weaknesses-fear shots!

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